The Singer and the Poet

Based on a true story, a young woman decides to take a homeless man out to dinner on her last dime. Alex, a struggling young singer, is barely scraping by. An independent spirit, she is searching for what she wants and who she is.

Calvin is a homeless man who is in a state of desperate hunger when Alex encounters him. Her decision to take him to a restaurant turns into an experience they both would not easily forget.


Writer, Director, Producer: Maria Markosov
Producer: Nicky Arezu Akmal
Cinematographer: Ben Wolf
Editor: Drew Kilcoin
Original Music: Josh Kirsch
Production Designer: Heather Corbett
Production Manager: Nicky Arezu Akmal
First Assistant Director: Curtis A. Smith, Jr.
Script Supervisor: Andrew Cesana
Costume Designer: Stephanie Petagno
Sound Design: Ben Russell
Makeup & Hair: Rebecca Hickey
Sound Recordist: Mike Guarino
1st Assistant Camera: Camilo Mendoza
Chief Lighting Technician: Steven Gladstone
Key Grip: Rudie Carty
Swing: J.D. Freedman
Swing: Lee Gillentine
2nd Assistant Director: Lemarze J. Smith
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Lacy Fisher
Production Assistant: Jasmine Cruz
Color Grading: Evolve Post & Film
Colorist: Bill Harrison
Locations Provided by:
Joffrey Ballet School
Greenwich Village Bistro
Orion Davidoff
Ave A Mini Market
Pioneer Theater
Village East Cinemas
The Boys Club of New York

Mayoru2019s Office of New York City


Jon Caplan
Tanya Markosov
Maria Quiachon
Daniel Beliavsky and family
Heather Collins
Angela Gardner
Amy Giaquinto
Gail D’Addario
Downtown Bakery
Shetler Studios
Center Stage
and all friends and family who supported this film and to the real u201cCalvinu201d

Eastern Effects (G&E Equipment)
Image Smith Productions (Camera & Expendables)
Keep In Touch
Communications (Walkies)
Courier Car Rental (Truck)

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