The Hunter's Anthology

Six strangers find themselves trapped in a New York City subway by Mac, a mysterious man who claims to be a demon hunter. Insisting one of them is evil, he peeks into their souls discovering five eerie, supernatural tales: a desperate woman goes to a fortune teller, newlyweds discover a creature lurking outside their apartment, a young man visits an insane asylum, bullied twins discover a wish-granting coin, and a man lusting after a co-worker discovers a magic potion shop. It’s then up to Mac to solve the mystery and destroy the demon amongst them.

—Robert Smithline


Director: Robert Smithline
Writer: Robert Smithline
Producer: Nicky Arezu Akmal
Cinematography: Benjamin Wolf
Film Editing: Robert Smithline
Production Design: Jack Armellin
Production Design: Derya Celikkol
Production Design: Pan Ferguson
Production Design: Luis Marciliano
Art Direction: Jassy Irvine
Art Direction: Sam Smithline
Costume Design: Carol Ann Meyer


Taylor August: Mac
Eric Colton: Rod
Janna Bossier: Tabitha
Cole Taylor: Steven
Olev Aleksander: Clint
Kristy Cloetingh: Madison
Sara Mari Lopez: Jennifer
Lauren LaVera: Kate
Brent Anthony: Joe
Adrianna Bremont: Carol
Andrea Canonico: Hospital Patient
Bridget Crisonino: Christina
Alicia Foxworth: Mrs. Capshaw
Dennis Rubin Green: Mr. Capshaw
Yoko Hyun: Mooni
Kevin Kolack: George
Matthew Lazzari: Orderly 2


Fortune Maker

Can't Unwish a Wish

Channel 14

Visit to an Asylum

Lust Potion # who cares





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