Human Again

The shot seen around the world that changed everything, everyone, everywhere.
There is a dead, depressing air all over Iran. It’s everywhere. It’s in people’s hearts. We’re condemned to depression, to living without being able to breathe. ‐ Neda Agha‐Soltan
via FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE and viewed around the world, Neda became the face of the Iranian opposition movement, reenergizing a fledgling rebellion against a harsh dictatorship and inspiring millions of people around the world.

“Human Again” is the story of the woman behind the infamous video. It is about who she was, whom she loved, what she wanted from life and how she died. Neda was unhappy in her native Iran, felt suffocated by the lack of personal freedom and by the hyper‐religious rule imposed on her and her generation.

Directly parallel to Neda’s story is the story of Abbas. Abbas, a failing farmer from Southern Iran, joined the Basij only to feed his family, but he quickly rose within the ranks and was transformed into a killer. Later these two stories intersect at that fateful moment that changed everything.

After an incident at an underground party, Neda decides to take a vacation in neighboring Turkey. There, she meets and befriends a tour mate, Caspian Makkan. They quickly begin a passionate love affair.

Although enveloped in their warm relationship, they cannot help but be pulled into the heat of the upcoming Iranian elections, an excitement that Iran has not seen in over 30 years. After the evidently fraudulent elections, millions first took to the streets in peaceful protest, but violence ensued when the paramilitary Basijis brutally attacked crowds. Neda, hoping that the moment for change had finally arrived attended every demonstration even after The Supreme Leader’s warning that the government response would be ruthless. Abbas found himself on the other side of the conflict, taking part in the violent crackdowns.

Neda was shot dead on June 20th 2009, and the video of her dying moments quickly went viral. Leila, an Iranian‐American living a carefree life in New York City watches in horror and is transformed into an activist for freedom.
Neda’s death became an emblematic event, and may in the future prove to have been a turning point in the de‐legitimization of the Islamic Republic in the eyes of the world public. This iconic image caught the worlds’ attention, and catapulted her as a symbol for the cause of Iranian democracy.

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