August The First

The party to celebrate Tunde Ibirinde’s graduation is the backdrop for a far more momentous occasion: the return of estranged father Dipo, after over a decade of absence. Each family member must face their feelings before they face Dipo.


Director: Lanre Olabisi
Writer: Lanre Olabisi
Writer: Shawn Alexander
Producer: Nicky Arezu Akmal
Producer: Shawn Alexander
Producer: Stephen Daniels
Producer: Lanre Olabisi
Exec Producer: Dr. Gail Olabisi
Consulting Producer: Kristal Mosley
Prod. Coordinator: Cece Charles
Assis Prod Coordinator: Kareema Charles
Co-Producer: Tony Sterrett
Co-Producer: Gabe Sedgewick

1st AD: Nicholas Langholff
1st AD: Joshua Freeman
2nd AD: Jake Beesley
2nd 2nd: Marsha Smith

Key PA: Laura del Aguila
Set PA: Derek Daniel
Set PA: Sameson Louis
Set PA: Dedra Stewart
Set PA: Nosarieme Garrick
Set PA: Ellis Hunter

Script Sup: Katri Billard
Script Intern: Millette Paulie

Director of Photography: Larry Hiller

Addtl DP: Learan Kahanov
1st AC: Kate Larose
Addtl 1st AC: Carrissa Ridgeway
Addtl 1st AC: Gordon Arkenberg
Addtl 1st AC: Josh Silfen
2nd AC: Kenneth Kotowski

Key Grip: Matt Kerr
Gaffer: Michael Arisohn
Addtl Gaffer: Chris Hayes
Best Boy: Octavio Warnock-Grahm
Swing Electric: Tae Woo Lim
Lighting Package by: Xeno Lights
Expendables by: Kits and Expendables

Production Sound: Antonio Moncada
Addtl Prod Sound: Mike Guarino
Boom Op: Patrick Tobin

Production Designer: Mary Glen Fredrickson
Art Director: Derek Wang
Art Director: Heather Corbet
Asst Art Director: Hope Walter
Prop Master: Sasha Collington
Art Intern: Celina Gomes
Set Dresser: Sasha Collington

Still Photographer: Peter J. Olsen

Make up/Hair: Dhyana Forte
Make up intern: Catherine Straube
Make up intern: Leslie Pretat
Make up provided by: MAC

Wardrobe Sup: Elissa Santiago
Costume Designer: Mary Glen Fredrickson
Addtl Wardrobe Sup: Gillinn Austin
Wardrobe Assistant: Anos Posner

Catering: Joe Rodriguez
Catering LQ Catering
Beverages Provided by: Vitamin Water

Film from: Film Emporium
Film by: Fugi Film
Film Processing: Technicolor
Camera: Camera Service Center

Landscaping By: Hewson Landscaping
Transportation By: Chelsea Rentals

Editor: Lanre Olabisi

Post Prod Technical Support: Gerard Fleurima

Sound design: Sound Scribe
Sound editor:
Sound mix: Sound Scribe
Mixer: Ryan Fagman


Ian Aslup: Tunde
D. Rubin Green: Dipo
Joy Merriweather: Rhonda
Sean Phillips: Ade
Kerisse Hutchinson: Simisola
Gloria Suave: Grandma
Robert McKay: Alex
Monique Granby: Janine
A. Toni Sterett: Elsa
Eric Cassanova: Mark
Gerinimo Frias: Boris
Yaritza Pizarro: Louisa
Robert Aviles: Jesus
Acantha Lang: Vicky
Joshua Percy: Lex
Tina Jetter: Cali
William Sutphin: Miner
Gail Olabisi: Cathy

Special Thanks:
Town of Plainfield
Dr. Gail Olabisi
Olaronke Olabisi
Olabamiji Olabisi
Huge thanks to Estaban Daniels
Olagoke Olabisi
Linda Carter
Eric Pennington
Stephen Daniels
Ferenc Toth
Jaime Penkethman
Abi Maryan
Kristen Storino

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