Jane B. for Agnès V. (1988)

Two feminist queens come together in this exquisite meditation on femininity, carnality, motherhood, and what it means to represent one another on screen. We watch Agnès Varda negotiate with Jane Birkin—who memorably outraged the world by orgasmically moaning in “Moi je t’aime…moi non plus,” her duet with then-partner Serge Gainsbourg —about how she will be portrayed in this documentary about her life. During one whimsical scene, Varda wraps Birkin’s house in a bow as a gift for the British star to unwrap as she unravels her life as a sexual symbol who also longs for wearing baggy jeans and spending quiet afternoons at home with her children. From turning Birkin into Ariadne in the maze to having her play both the servant and lady in a Titian painting, Varda constantly searches for ways to explore Birkin’s desires, history, and metaphorical prowess. Through the film, we meet an artist and mother seeking to love, to connect, and to unwrap the gifts held inside her most intimate corners. Enter the maze of empowered femininity and leave having woven your own guiding thread to lead the way to wherever your dreams may take you. Jane B. for Agnès V. is available to rent on Prime Video.

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