In a place where payback is second nature, you have to be careful who you cross. Making the wrong choice can prove to be deadly. "DANGEROUS WAYS" tells the story of the seedy Glaswegian underworld of corrupt cops, pimps and thieves. Alan McGowen has a history of back luck with women.


He was banished from his home in Glasgow for having had an affair with mob boss Shugg's woman Julie. Two years later, Alan returns home for his brother, Gary's funeral. Gary, who himself was a part of the mob, has been brutally murdered, leaving everyone searching for answers. Shugg and Georgie Boy cut a violent path through Glasgow's underworld trying to find Gary's killers. When Alan sees that things don't seem to add up, he decides to take it upon himself to get to the real truth. Women troubles start again for Alan when he begins an affair with Sharon.


Alan is unaware that she is Georgie Boy's ex girlfriend. Georgie Boy warns Alan to stay away from her. When Alan ignores his threats, he tells Shugg that Alan and Julie are back together. The news enrages Shugg throwing him into a tailspin leading him to slice Alan. Alan eventually uncovers Gary's murderer and Shugg delivers the usual gangland justice.


Produced by:

Sanaz Etebarian

Zalfa Shammas

Nathalie Shariat


Written By:

Liane Wunderlich

Nicky Arezu Akmal